18870: Change the non-user oriented "FIXME" to "NOTE"
[arvados.git] / tools / salt-install /
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Change the non-user oriented "FIXME" to "NOTE"
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Check for 'fixme's
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Ensure sbin is in cron job PATH
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Fix typo
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Use bash [[ ]] conditional syntax and order...
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Make sure database password is quoted in pillar
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Change deploy target directory name
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Use correct default vm hostname
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Fixing declare
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Need to declare NODES as array
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Fix diagnostic
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: fix
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Run diagnostics
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: another fix
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Fix typo
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Refactor sync
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Deploy individual nodes
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Flexible branch naming
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: git stuff
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: tweaking git stuff
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Commits stuff
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Fix remote add
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: git add everything
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Updating params.local
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: New script to help manage install
2022-06-13 Tom CleggMerge branch '19146-can-write-manage'
2022-06-03 Ward VandewegeMerge branch '19175-doc-refactor-multi-host-installation'
2022-06-03 Ward Vandewege19175: Merge branch 'main' into 19175-doc-refactor...
2022-06-02 Ward VandewegeFix a few typos in the help text.
2022-06-02 Tom CleggMerge branch '15370-loopback-dispatchcloud'
2022-06-01 Ward VandewegeProvision script fix: clarify that the cluster id must...
2022-06-01 Ward VandewegeMerge branch '19169-provision-fix-single-hostname-letse...
2022-06-01 Ward Vandewegeprovision script: fix single host/single hostname letse...
2022-05-27 Lucas Di PentimaMerge branch '19144-wb-copy-collections-fix'. Closes...
2022-05-26 Ward VandewegeSalt installer change: standardize on putting the certs...
2022-05-26 Ward VandewegeMerge branch '19164-add-flags'
2022-05-25 Ward VandewegeProvision scripts: do not hardcode a ruby version when...
2022-05-25 Ward VandewegeDisable LocalKeepBlobBuffersPerVCPU on the single node...
2022-05-23 Ward VandewegeMerge branch '18983-salt-installer-multinode-disable...
2022-05-23 Ward Vandewege18983: Disable LocalKeepBlobBuffersPerVCPU on the multi...
2022-05-19 Tom CleggMerge branch '19099-singularity-container-shell'
2022-05-19 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '17004-properties-on-output' refs #17004
2022-05-18 Tom Clegg15370: Merge branch 'main' into 15370-loopback-dispatch...
2022-05-13 Tom Clegg18947: Merge branch 'main'
2022-05-13 Tom Clegg18947: Merge branch 'main'
2022-05-13 Ward VandewegeMerge branch '19126-nginx-proxy-settings-change'
2022-05-13 Ward Vandewege19126: Merge branch 'main' into 19126-nginx-proxy-setti...
2022-05-13 Ward Vandewege19126: disable all nginx proxy caching for controller...
2022-05-10 Tom CleggMerge branch '19095-singularity-bugfix'
2022-05-09 Tom Clegg18794: Merge branch 'main'
2022-05-06 Tom CleggMerge branch '18947-keep-balance'
2022-05-06 Ward Vandewege18995: Merge branch 'main' into 18995-code-cleanup-5
2022-05-06 Ward VandewegeMerge branch '19015-rvm-gemset-passenger-fix'
2022-05-06 Ward Vandewege19015: Merge branch 'main' into 19015-rvm-gemset-passen...
2022-04-29 Ward Vandewege19015: update the nginx override so that systemd is...
2022-04-28 Ward VandewegeAdd a 2 minute lock timeout to the first invocation...
2022-04-28 Ward VandewegeDo not pipe into `grep -q`, because that stops reading...
2022-04-28 Ward Vandewege19015: installer fix: work around a Passenger issue...
2022-04-27 Tom CleggMerge branch '18947-githttpd'
2022-04-26 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '18835-uploadfiles-test' refs #18835
2022-04-26 Ward VandewegeSalt installer multinode AWS example: modernize Arvados...
2022-04-13 Ward Vandewege18976: Merge branch 'main' into 18976-c-d-l-dep
2022-04-13 Tom CleggMerge branch '18700-boot-wb2'
2022-04-12 Ward VandewegeInstaller bugfix (part 2).
2022-04-12 Ward VandewegeInstaller bugfix.
2022-04-12 Tom Clegg18700: Merge branch 'main'
2022-04-12 Javier BértoliMerge branch '16375-arvados-multinode-testing'
2022-04-12 Javier Bértoli16375: address review comments
2022-04-11 Javier Bértoli16375: revert insecure flag in multi-host template...
2022-04-11 Tom CleggMerge branch '18947-keepproxy'
2022-04-08 Javier Bértoli16375: Add multinode testing code
2022-04-06 Javier BértoliMerge branch '18631-shell-login-sync'
2022-04-06 Javier Bértoli18631: fix path in shell login-sync cron
2022-04-05 Javier Bértoli18631: Add shell's vm uuid from the shell node state
2022-04-01 Javier Bértoli18631: remove unneeded dependency installing api into...
2022-03-31 Javier Bértoli18631: don't force api resources on shell nodes
2022-03-31 Javier Bértoli18631: use SystemRootToken for login-sync
2022-03-31 Javier BértoliRevert "18631: use SystemRootToken for login-sync"
2022-03-31 Javier Bértoli18631: use SystemRootToken for login-sync
2022-03-30 Javier Bértoli18631: Address review comments, fix VM UUID in cron
2022-03-30 Javier Bértoli18631: Address review comments
2022-03-26 Ward Vandewege18903: Merge branch 'main' into 18903-fix-activity...
2022-03-25 Tom Clegg18865: Merge branch 'main'
2022-03-24 Javier BértoliMerge branch '18638-noisy-errors-regarding-tests'
2022-03-24 Javier Bértoli18638: Address review comments
2022-03-24 Tom CleggMerge branch '18596-preemptible-price-factor'
2022-03-24 Javier BértoliMerge branch '18633-install-sudo-passwordless-in-shell'
2022-03-23 Javier Bértoli18631: add login-sync cron to provision script
2022-03-22 Javier Bértoli18638: fix provision script errors on tests when they...
2022-03-22 Javier Bértoli18633: add sudo passwordless on shell role
2022-03-21 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '18767-filename-search-doc' refs #18767
2022-03-21 Tom Clegg18700: Merge branch 'main'
2022-03-21 Tom CleggMerge branch '18691-freeze-project'
2022-03-17 Javier BértoliMerge branch '18681-install-passenger-only-when-required'
2022-03-16 Javier Bértoli18681: Fix typo
2022-03-16 Javier BértoliTypo
2022-03-16 Ward Vandewege18766: Merge branch 'main' into 18766-package-building...
2022-03-15 Javier BértoliFix unterminated sed in the installer
2022-03-15 Tom Clegg18600: Merge branch 'main'
2022-03-15 Javier BértoliMerge branch '18635-remove-unnecesary-.psql-management'