18870: Need to declare NODES as array
[arvados.git] / services / keep-balance /
2022-05-10 Tom CleggMerge branch '19095-singularity-bugfix'
2022-05-09 Tom Clegg18794: Merge branch 'main'
2022-05-06 Tom CleggMerge branch '18947-keep-balance'
2022-05-02 Tom Clegg18947: Move keep-balance systemd unit file.
2022-05-02 Tom Clegg18947: Refactor keep-balance as arvados-server subcommand.
2021-12-22 Ward Vandewege17417: Merge branch 'main' into 17417-add-arm64
2021-12-15 Lucas Di PentimaMerge branch '18301-wb1-cancel-button-fix'. Closes...
2021-12-07 Ward Vandewege17339: Merge branch 'main' into 17339-s3aws-driver...
2021-12-07 Ward Vandewege17667: Merge branch 'main' into 17667-doc-improvements
2021-12-07 Tom CleggMerge branch '18547-use-volume-uuid-not-device-id'
2021-12-07 Tom Clegg18547: Error out if two volumes return the same non...
2021-12-03 Tom Clegg18547: Use volume UUID instead of DeviceID to deduplica...
2021-11-22 Ward Vandewege18308: Merge branch 'main' into 18308-enable-collection...
2021-11-19 Tom CleggMerge branch '18298-lsf-no-suitable-hosts'
2021-11-18 Tom CleggMerge branch '18339-sweep-trash-lock'
2021-11-18 Tom CleggMerge branch '17840-unparsed-args'
2021-11-16 Tom Clegg17840: Merge branch 'main'
2021-11-11 Tom Clegg17840: Deduplicate flag-parsing code.
2021-11-10 Tom Clegg17840: Fix duplicate error message re parsing command...
2021-11-08 Tom Clegg17840: Check for unparsed command line arguments.
2021-11-01 Tom Clegg17840: Check for unparsed command line arguments.
2021-09-03 Ward Vandewege17755: Merge branch 'main' into 17755-add-singularity...
2021-08-30 Tom Clegg17995: Merge branch 'main'
2021-08-30 Tom CleggMerge branch '17217-collection-signatures' into main
2021-08-26 Tom Clegg17217: Remove crufty test util funcs.
2021-08-20 Javier BĂ©rtoliMerge branch '17535-test-provision-jenkins'
2021-08-17 Ward Vandewege17755: Merge branch 'main' into 17755-add-singularity...
2021-08-12 Tom CleggMerge branch '17726-singularity-doc' into main
2021-08-10 Lucas Di PentimaMerge branch '17936-arvput-batch-mode' into main. Close...
2021-08-10 Tom CleggMerge branch '17967-storage-classes-config' into main
2021-08-05 Tom Clegg17967: Use StorageClasses.*.Default instead of ["default"].
2021-08-04 Tom CleggMerge branch '17574-storage-classes-confirmed' into...
2021-08-04 Tom Clegg17574: Merge branch 'main'
2021-08-03 Tom Clegg17574: Confirm storage classes as [] when replication...
2021-07-29 Ward VandewegeMore cleanup, remove references to Ubuntu 16.04 (xenial...
2021-07-29 Tom Clegg17574: Fix misleading errors after reaching update...
2021-07-28 Tom Clegg17574: Update test.
2021-07-28 Tom Clegg17574: Fix wait on empty channel.
2021-07-28 Tom Clegg17574: Batch updates into transactions, skip when uncha...
2021-07-28 Tom Clegg17574: Process collections in a worker pool.
2021-07-28 Tom Clegg17574: Add BalanceUpdateLimit config, fix tests.
2021-07-28 Tom Clegg17574: add -pprof flag to service commands.
2021-07-27 Tom Clegg17574: Add -update-confirmed-fields=false option.
2021-07-27 Tom Clegg17574: Get collections directly from DB instead of...
2021-07-26 Tom Clegg17574: Update replication_confirmed fields after keep...
2021-02-10 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '17165-vscode-training-doc' refs #17165
2021-02-03 Tom Clegg17170: Merge branch 'master'
2021-02-03 Nico CesarMerge branch '17299-uppercase-api'
2021-02-02 Tom CleggMerge branch '16306-arvados-easy-install'
2021-02-02 Tom Clegg16306: Merge branch 'master'
2021-01-22 Tom Clegg16306: Merge branch 'master'
2021-01-21 Tom Clegg16306: Merge branch 'master'
2021-01-18 Tom Clegg16306: Merge branch 'master'
2020-12-22 Tom Clegg16306: Merge branch 'master'
2020-08-21 Tom Clegg16306: Merge branch 'master'
2020-08-21 Tom Clegg16306: Add "ping" health check to keep-balance.
2020-08-20 Ward Vandewege16625: Merge branch 'master' into 16625-add-azure-manag...
2020-08-19 Nico CesarMerge branch '16698-debug-ports-arvbox' into master
2020-08-18 Tom Clegg16535: Merge branch 'master'
2020-08-18 Ward Vandewege16580: Merge branch 'master' into 16580-remove-python2...
2020-08-17 Lucas Di PentimaMerge branch '16470-api-rails-52'
2020-08-17 Ward Vandewege16631: Merge branch 'master' into 16631-add-test
2020-08-17 Tom Clegg16663: Merge branch 'master'
2020-08-17 Ward VandewegeFix more ineffassign warnings.
2020-07-17 Ward VandewegeMerge branch 'use_mktemp' of https://github.com/golhara...
2020-07-17 Ward VandewegeMerge branch 'patch-1' of https://github.com/mr-c/arvad...
2020-07-01 Tom Clegg15348: Merge branch 'master'
2020-06-29 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '16441-user-merge-doc' refs #16441
2020-06-26 Ward Vandewege16522: Merge branch 'master' into 16522-python3-arvados...
2020-06-25 Ward Vandewege16476: Merge branch 'master' into 16476-upgrade-arvados...
2020-06-22 Tom CleggMerge branch '16480-keep-balance-index-timeout'
2020-06-22 Tom Clegg16480: Merge branch 'master'
2020-06-19 Tom Clegg16480: Configurable timeout for entire keep-balance...
2020-06-16 Tom Clegg16480: Use longer timeout for keepstore index requests.
2020-04-13 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '16263-logincluster-user-list-fix' refs...
2020-04-08 Tom CleggMerge branch '16212-pam-login'
2020-04-07 Tom CleggMerge branch '16053-install-deps'
2020-04-06 Tom CleggMerge branch '16217-ws-metrics'
2020-03-31 Tom Clegg16217: Merge branch 'master'
2020-03-26 Lucas Di PentimaMerge branch '16265-security-updates' into dependabot...
2020-03-25 Tom Clegg16217: Exit service command if the service handler...
2020-03-17 Krzysztof MajewskiMerge pull request #1 from arvados/master
2020-02-19 Lucas Di PentimaMerge branch '15781-multi-value-property-search'
2020-02-18 Tom Clegg15954: Merge branch 'master'
2020-02-17 Tom CleggMerge branch '16100-mime-types'
2020-02-14 Tom CleggMerge branch '16039-fuse-forward-slash-sub'
2020-02-14 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '16080-github' refs #16080
2020-02-14 Tom Clegg12308: Merge branch 'master'
2020-02-14 Tom CleggMerge branch '16152-keep-balance-http-crash' 2.0.0
2020-02-13 Tom Clegg16152: Fix nil http handler and ignored config args.
2020-02-11 Tom Clegg15954: Merge branch 'master'
2020-02-04 Tom Clegg12308: Merge branch 'master'
2020-02-04 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '16111-ssh-help' closes #16111
2020-02-03 Tom CleggMerge branch '16104-select-uuid'
2020-02-03 Ward VandewegeIn our systemd service files, set a reasonable default...
2019-12-30 Peter AmstutzMerge branch 'master' into 15572-new-install-docs
2019-12-12 Tom CleggMerge branch '15928-fs-deadlock'
2019-12-11 Tom CleggMerge branch '15924-import-path'
2019-12-10 Tom Clegg15924: Change import paths to git.arvados.org.
2019-11-28 Tom CleggMerge branch '15795-sys-root-token'