18870: Need to declare NODES as array
[arvados.git] / sdk / cwl /
2022-06-02 Tom CleggMerge branch '15370-loopback-dispatchcloud'
2022-05-27 Lucas Di PentimaMerge branch '19144-wb-copy-collections-fix'. Closes...
2022-05-26 Ward VandewegeMerge branch '19164-add-flags'
2022-05-25 Peter AmstutzRemove illegal characters (currently just '/') from...
2022-05-21 Tom Clegg15370: Merge branch 'main' into 15370-loopback-dispatch...
2022-05-20 Tom CleggMerge branch '16345-check-version-skew'
2022-05-20 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '19129-wb1-dashboard-speedup' refs #19129
2022-05-20 Tom CleggMerge branch '18983-warn-unused-local-keep'
2022-05-19 Peter AmstutzFix integration test refs #17004
2022-05-19 Tom CleggMerge branch '19136-freeze-props-whitelist'
2022-05-19 Tom CleggMerge branch '19099-singularity-container-shell'
2022-05-19 Lucas Di PentimaMerge branch '19141-nokogiri-update'. Closes #19141
2022-05-19 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '17004-properties-on-output' refs #17004
2022-05-18 Tom Clegg15370: Merge branch 'main' into 15370-loopback-dispatch...
2022-05-17 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '19070-cwl-test-fixing' refs #19070
2022-05-17 Peter Amstutz19070: make some notes about why the script does things
2022-05-17 Peter Amstutz19070: more test_with_arvbox fixes
2022-05-17 Peter Amstutz19070: Still trying to fix test_with_arvbox
2022-05-17 Peter Amstutz19070: Fixing CWL tests
2022-05-16 Peter AmstutzBash syntax in arvados-tests.sh requires bash, fixed.
2022-05-16 Peter AmstutzFix set_secondary recursion error
2022-05-16 Peter AmstutzFix arvados-tests.sh to use python from a-c-r package...
2022-05-13 Peter Amstutz17004: Test for setting final output properties from...
2022-05-13 Peter Amstutz17004: Fix setting properties on final collection
2022-05-13 Tom Clegg18947: Merge branch 'main'
2022-05-13 Tom Clegg18947: Merge branch 'main'
2022-05-13 Peter Amstutz17004: Set default collection output name "Output from...
2022-05-13 Peter AmstutzUpdate tests related to make_output_collection
2022-05-13 Peter Amstutz17004: Work on CWL side
2022-05-13 Peter Amstutz17004: Setting intermediate collection fields
2022-05-13 Peter Amstutz17004: Initial CWL support for setting output properties
2022-05-13 Ward Vandewege19126: Merge branch 'main' into 19126-nginx-proxy-setti...
2022-05-13 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '19109-upload-secondary' refs #19109
2022-05-13 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '19070-update-workflow-deps' refs #19070
2022-05-12 Peter Amstutz19109: Avoid recursion fail mode
2022-05-12 Peter Amstutz19070: Fix --update-workflow
2022-05-11 Peter Amstutz19070: Prefer to use the passed-in runtimeContext
2022-05-11 Peter Amstutz19070: Fix tests
2022-05-11 Peter Amstutz19070: --create/update-workflow also implies --match...
2022-05-11 Peter Amstutz19070: Add integration test for copying dependencies
2022-05-11 Peter Amstutz19070: Fix test_arvados_jobs_image
2022-05-11 Peter Amstutz19070: Fix most tests
2022-05-11 Peter Amstutz19070: Add --copy-deps/--no-copy-deps
2022-05-11 Peter Amstutz19070: Always make copy of Docker images with --project...
2022-05-11 Peter Amstutz19109: Fix integration test
2022-05-11 Peter Amstutz19109: test/fix for related bug, finding secondary...
2022-05-11 Peter Amstutz19109: Add test case for discovering & uploading second...
2022-04-27 Tom CleggMerge branch '18947-githttpd'
2022-04-26 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '18835-uploadfiles-test' refs #18835
2022-04-25 Peter Amstutz18835: Add a test for the is_in_collection feature...
2022-04-25 Ward Vandewege19054: Merge branch 'main' into 19054-local-keepstore...
2022-04-25 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '17301-cwl-oom' refs #17301
2022-04-25 Peter Amstutz17301: Add more logging handler teardown
2022-04-25 Peter Amstutz17301: Clean up logging handler
2022-04-25 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '18888-cwl-dir-arg' refs #18888
2022-04-25 Peter Amstutz17301: Test handles line breaks
2022-04-21 Peter Amstutz17301: Shorted OOM message. Limit added detail to...
2022-04-21 Peter Amstutz18888: Fix tests
2022-04-20 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '18894-manifest-size-doc' refs #18894
2022-04-20 Peter Amstutz17301: Fold subsequent messages into details
2022-04-19 Peter Amstutz17301: Log all messages in details
2022-04-19 Peter Amstutz17301: Report warning about OOM killer when exit code 137
2022-04-19 Peter Amstutz18888: Ensure that default File/Directory references...
2022-04-19 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '18994-cwl-basename' refs #18994
2022-04-19 Peter Amstutz18994: Remove commented out code
2022-04-15 Ward VandewegeMerge branch '18995-code-cleanup-2'
2022-04-15 Ward Vandewege18995: Merge branch 'main' into 18995-code-cleanup-2
2022-04-15 Peter Amstutz18994: Fix needs_new_collection errors found by tests
2022-04-15 Peter Amstutz18994: Fix for colon characters in filenames
2022-04-15 Peter Amstutz18994: Fix suffix
2022-04-15 Peter Amstutz18994: Remove debug prints
2022-04-15 Peter Amstutz18994: Fixing quoting WIP
2022-04-14 Peter Amstutz18994: Remove debug print
2022-04-14 Peter Amstutz18994: Add test case, correctly re-stage files when...
2022-04-14 Ward Vandewege18995: sdk/cwl: change function argument name to avoid...
2022-04-12 Tom Clegg18700: Merge branch 'main'
2022-04-06 Javier BértoliMerge branch '18631-shell-login-sync'
2022-03-24 Javier BértoliMerge branch '18638-noisy-errors-regarding-tests'
2022-03-24 Tom CleggMerge branch '18596-preemptible-price-factor'
2022-03-24 Javier BértoliMerge branch '18633-install-sudo-passwordless-in-shell'
2022-03-22 Peter Amstutztest_with_arvbox pass through -j3 refs #18899
2022-03-22 Peter AmstutzSpecial behavior to skip bad cwl-1.2 test
2022-03-21 Peter AmstutzDon't git pull in test_with_arvbox no issue #
2022-03-21 Peter AmstutzFix test_with_arvbox checkout by tag no issue #
2022-03-21 Peter AmstutzCheck out tagged conformance test suite refs #18614
2022-03-21 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '18767-filename-search-doc' refs #18767
2022-03-21 Tom Clegg18700: Merge branch 'main'
2022-03-21 Tom CleggMerge branch '18691-freeze-project'
2022-03-21 Tom CleggMerge branch '18732-crunch-run-log-uids'
2022-03-18 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '18180-cwl-spot' refs #18180
2022-03-18 Peter Amstutz18180: Documentation improvements discussing spot insta...
2022-03-18 Peter Amstutz18180: Support for requesting preemptible instances...
2022-03-11 Tom Clegg18600: Merge branch 'main'
2022-03-10 Ward Vandewege18843: Merge branch 'main' into 18843-bump-containerd
2022-03-09 Peter AmstutzCherry-pick test fixes refs #18773
2022-03-07 Ward Vandewege18838: Merge branch 'main' into 18838-bump-nokogiri
2022-03-04 Javier BértoliMerge branch '18682-use-keyrings-instead-of-key-ids'
2022-03-04 Javier BértoliMerge branch '18830-fix-centos-7-provisioning'
2022-03-04 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '18656-dynamic-gpu-req' refs #18656
2022-03-01 Lucas Di PentimaMerge branch '17754-federated-acct-merge'. Refs #17754.