2020-10-23 Lucas Di Pentima17018: Fixes the bug adding checks for readonly context... 17018-readonly-file-actions-fix
2020-10-23 Lucas Di Pentima17018: Adds integration tests exposing the bug.
2020-10-21 Daniel KutyłaMerge branch '17019-token-visible-within-test'
2020-10-21 Daniel Kutyła 17019: replaced domain and cluster with fake data 17019-token-visible-within-test
2020-10-21 Daniel Kutyła17019: replaced token with fake data
2020-10-20 Daniel KutyłaMerge branch '16812-token-appears-in-the-download-URL'
2020-10-19 Lucas Di PentimaMerge branch '16718-past-collection-versions-search'
2020-10-19 Daniel Kutyła16812: Cleared token code 16812-token-appears-in-the-download-URL
2020-10-18 Daniel Kutyła16812: Fixed failed tests
2020-10-18 Daniel KutyłaMerge branch '16812-token-appears-in-the-download-URL...
2020-10-18 Daniel Kutyła16812: Reverted changes in download action, fixed keep...
2020-10-18 Daniel Kutyła16812: Reverted changes in download action, fixed keep...
2020-10-15 Peter Amstutz16812: Handoff token using query param
2020-10-13 Daniel Kutyła16812: Removed download attribute, fixed redirectTo
2020-10-13 Lucas Di Pentima16718: Adds tests for include_old_version usage on... 16718-past-collection-versions-search
2020-10-12 Lucas Di Pentima16718: Merge branch 'master' into 16718-past-collection...
2020-10-12 Lucas Di Pentima16718: Removes redundant column on search results.
2020-10-12 Daniel KutyłaMerge branch 'master' into 16812-token-appears-in-the...
2020-10-12 Daniel KutyłaMerge branch '16037-download-selected-functionality...
2020-10-12 Daniel Kutyła16037: Fix for cypress test 16037-download-selected-functionality-messes-up-file-names
2020-10-12 Daniel Kutyła16037: Added proper comments and enabled missing feature
2020-10-09 Lucas Di PentimaFixes build target on Makefile. No issue # 2.1.0
2020-10-09 Ward VandewegeBuilding workbench2 packages should not run the tests...
2020-10-09 Daniel Kutyła16037: Disabled download functionality for multiple...
2020-10-07 Lucas Di Pentima16718: Shows collection status info as "old version...
2020-10-06 Daniel Kutyła16037: Added filtering for directories when downloading
2020-10-06 Lucas Di Pentima16718: Adds unit test cases for the new is:pastVersion...
2020-10-06 Lucas Di Pentima16718: Adds option to search for collection's past...
2020-10-05 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '16941-inactive-remotes' refs #16941
2020-10-05 Peter Amstutz16941: Remove debug statement.
2020-10-05 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '16947-session-validate' refs #16947
2020-10-05 Peter Amstutz16947: do not produce snackbar errors in validateSessions() 16947-session-validate
2020-10-05 Peter AmstutzMerge branch 'master' into 16941-inactive-remotes 16941-inactive-remotes
2020-10-05 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '16947-session-validate' refs #16947
2020-10-05 Peter Amstutz16941: Fix AxiosInstance import. Add apiClient accessor
2020-10-02 Peter Amstutz16941: Make it possible to mock retrieving cluster...
2020-10-02 Peter Amstutz16947: Don't show misleading session validate errors.
2020-10-02 Peter Amstutz16941: Multi-site search recognizes inactive remote...
2020-10-01 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '16927-trailing-slash' refs #16927
2020-10-01 Peter Amstutz16927: Remove clusterConfigJSON local variable
2020-10-01 Peter Amstutz16927: Consistently strip trailing slashes from config... 16927-trailing-slash
2020-09-29 Daniel Kutyła16812: More type fixes
2020-09-29 Daniel Kutyła16812: Added proper location template
2020-09-29 Daniel Kutyła16812: Added types to remove compile errors
2020-09-28 Ward VandewegeDo not error out in the integration test cleanup function.
2020-09-28 Daniel Kutyła16812: Reverted env changes
2020-09-28 Daniel Kutyła16812: Another way of testing href
2020-09-28 Daniel Kutyła16812: Added unit test fix
2020-09-28 Daniel Kutyła16812: Added unit tests
2020-09-25 Daniel Kutyła16812: Added new mechanism to skip token in the url
2020-09-24 Lucas Di PentimaMerge branch '16592-renaming-fix'
2020-09-24 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '16811-public-favs' refs #16811
2020-09-23 Lucas Di Pentima16592: Restores 'Rename' action. Adds support for baseU... 16592-renaming-fix
2020-09-23 Lucas Di Pentima16592: Adds tests exposing the bug.
2020-09-22 Daniel KutyłaMerge branch '16243-filter-files-by-name-on-collections...
2020-09-22 Daniel Kutyła16243: Removed console.log 16243-filter-files-by-name-on-collections-file-listing
2020-09-21 Daniel Kutyła16243: Fixed copy of selected items to new collection
2020-09-18 Peter Amstutz16811: Filter "Public favorites" from "Shared with... 16811-public-favs
2020-09-18 Peter Amstutz16811: Add cypress test for setting/unsetting public...
2020-09-16 Daniel Kutyła16243: Added reducer changes in order to make file...
2020-09-14 Peter Amstutz16811: Use public favorites project.
2020-09-11 Daniel Kutyła16243: Added tests
2020-09-11 Daniel Kutyła16243: Added filtering for collection files
2020-09-10 Peter Amstutz16811: Don't filter star links on name
2020-09-10 Peter Amstutz16811: Fix public favorites.
2020-09-08 Lucas Di PentimaMerge branch '16679-token-security-enhancements'
2020-09-08 Lucas Di Pentima16679: Drops TokeLifetime in favor of IdleTimeout on... 16679-token-security-enhancements
2020-09-07 Lucas Di Pentima16679: Uses sessionStorage when Login.TokenLifetime...
2020-09-07 Lucas Di Pentima16679: Adds tests for AutoLogout component.
2020-09-04 Lucas Di Pentima16679: Adds AutoLogout component that closes the sessio...
2020-09-02 Lucas Di Pentima16679: Merge branch 'master' into 16679-token-security...
2020-09-02 Lucas Di PentimaMerge branch '16680-expired-token-handling'
2020-09-01 Lucas Di Pentima16679: Adds test for auth middleware's logout handling.
2020-09-01 Lucas Di Pentima16679: Adds test on action dispatching when using the...
2020-09-01 Lucas Di Pentima16680: Adds end-to-end test convering invalid token... 16680-expired-token-handling
2020-08-31 Lucas Di Pentima16680: Updates deprecated MAINTAINER use on Dockerfile.
2020-08-28 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '16602-wb2-acr-version' refs #16602
2020-08-28 Peter Amstutz16602: Add missing semicolon. 16602-wb2-acr-version
2020-08-27 Lucas Di Pentima16680: Logs out the user when token expires.
2020-08-27 Daniel KutyłaMerge branch '16743-blank-page-for-some-links'
2020-08-27 Peter Amstutz16602: Test for using advanced settings from workflow
2020-08-27 Daniel Kutyła16743: Removed console.log's updated tests 16743-blank-page-for-some-links
2020-08-26 Peter Amstutz16602: Read WorkflowRunnerResources from workflow to...
2020-08-26 Daniel Kutyła16743: fix for non existing parent project
2020-08-26 Tom CleggMerge branch '16314-test-user-db'
2020-08-26 Tom Clegg16314: Fix syntax. 16314-test-user-db
2020-08-24 Daniel KutyłaMerge branch '16735-Require-password-login'
2020-08-24 Daniel Kutyła16735: Added test for non existing method 16735-Require-password-login
2020-08-21 Tom Clegg16314: Invoke user/pass prompt for Test authentication...
2020-08-21 Daniel Kutyła16735: Added array of possible login methods
2020-08-21 Daniel Kutyła16735: Added better checks for the PAM and LDAP login
2020-08-18 Daniel KutyłaMerge branch '16659-copy-api-token-to-clipboard'
2020-08-17 Daniel Kutyła16659: Added copy of full token, fixed tests 16659-copy-api-token-to-clipboard
2020-08-14 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '16683-fed-sharing' refs #16683
2020-08-14 Peter Amstutz16683: Take count out from list params. Fix getPublicGr... 16683-fed-sharing
2020-08-14 Peter Amstutz16683: Remove reference to "klingenc"
2020-08-14 Peter Amstutz16683: Tweak other calls to user listing to work with...
2020-08-13 Peter Amstutz16683: Add count: "none" to sharing dialog
2020-08-07 Daniel Kutyła16659: Removed not required semicolon
2020-08-07 Daniel Kutyła16659: Added copy to clipboard button for the api token