2022-01-05 Ward Vandewege* Upgrade base image to ruby 2.7 main
2021-10-19 Ward VandewegeUse the python3 version of our packages.
2021-10-19 Ward VandewegeMerge branch '18278-GKE-fixes'
2021-10-19 Ward Vandewege18278: Postgresql: fix mount point for persistent volum... 18278-GKE-fixes
2021-10-19 Ward Vandewege18278: Stop specifying a k8s version on GKE.
2021-07-17 Ward VandewegeBump Arvados to version 2.2.1.
2021-07-12 Ward VandewegeBump Arvados to 2.2.0. Bump the rails-runtime image...
2021-07-12 Ward VandewegeWhen starting a Minikube cluster, the keepstores should...
2020-12-23 Ward VandewegePin the shell image to Ubuntu 18.04.
2020-12-23 Ward VandewegeThe Arvados apt repositories have been reorganized.
2020-11-30 Ward VandewegeMerge branch 'mluds-master'
2020-11-30 Ward VandewegeMerge branch 'master' of
2020-11-26 Mike Ludwigconvert postgres to statefulset for persistence - credi...
2020-11-26 Mike Ludwigsupport persistent volumes for postgres and the keep...
2020-11-18 Ward VandewegeUpgrade to Arvados 2.1.1
2020-11-10 Mike Ludwigsupport alternate namespaces for slurm dns
2020-11-10 Mike Ludwigsupport internal IP address range configuration for...
2020-11-06 Ward VandewegeUpgrade the helm charts to Arvados 2.1.0.
2020-11-05 Ward VandewegeA few fixes:
2020-10-27 Ward VandewegeMerge branch 'mluds-master' into master
2020-10-27 Ward VandewegeMerge branch 'master' of
2020-10-26 Mike Ludwigadd custom CA bundle to workbench deployment
2020-10-22 Mike Ludwigsupport annotations on loadbalancer services for metallb
2020-10-22 Mike Ludwigsupport custom CA bundle for the api-server
2020-10-21 Ward Vandewegedocumentation: add a reference to the Coding...
2020-10-20 Ward VandewegeFix build status link in
2020-05-27 Ward VandewegeMerge branch '16430-add-jenkins-integration-test-minikube'
2020-05-27 Ward Vandewege16430: test feedback: add timeout to loop that waits... 16430-add-jenkins-integration-test-minikube
2020-05-26 Ward Vandewege16430: Refactor to share code between the GKE and Minik...
2020-05-26 Ward Vandewege16430: add Minikube integration test
2020-05-26 Ward Vandewege16429: add GKE integration test 16429-add-jenkins-integration-test-GKE
2020-04-30 Ward VandewegeAdd workbench2, and make it the default.
2020-04-30 Ward VandewegeBugfixes: fix arvados-slurm-controller-0 container...
2020-04-28 Ward VandewegeWork around silly limitation of 6 search domains in...
2020-04-28 Ward Vandewege* support Minikube
2020-04-11 Ward VandewegeRevert "Switch to phusion/passenger-ruby25 for the...
2020-04-10 Ward VandewegePass validation.
2020-04-07 Ward VandewegeBring community information up to date (again).
2019-08-28 Ward VandewegeAdd the ca-certificates package to the arvados-runtime...
2019-08-28 Ward VandewegeSwitch to phusion/passenger-ruby25 for the base of...
2019-02-27 Ward VandewegeBump everything up to the latest stable release (1...
2019-01-25 Ward VandewegeBring community information up to date.
2019-01-25 Ward VandewegeBump the Arvados package version to 1.3.0, which is...
2018-06-25 Ward VandewegeExpose the cluster identifier in values.yaml
2018-06-25 Ward VandewegeExpose the number of compute nodes in values.yaml
2018-06-25 Ward VandewegeAdd
2018-06-25 Ward VandewegeSome further cleanup.
2018-06-15 Ward VandewegeFix section numbering in
2018-06-12 Ward VandewegeUpdates to
2018-06-12 Ward VandewegeUpdate Arvados package versions to latest.
2018-06-12 Ward VandewegeAlways pull latest version of the docker images.
2018-06-12 Ward VandewegeMake the default e-mail and password for the initial...
2018-06-12 Ward VandewegeNo more need for apps/v1beta2, we can now use apps/v1
2018-06-12 Ward VandewegeMake the StatefulSets start and stop faster.
2018-06-12 Ward VandewegeUpdate the nginx config for the keep-proxy-https pod.
2018-06-12 Ward VandewegeFix the websockets service.
2018-06-12 Ward VandewegeDisable the old jobs api.
2018-06-12 Ward Vandewege* Add a basic Slurm config
2018-05-30 Ward VandewegeTweak the ssl.conf generated by, so that...
2018-05-30 Ward VandewegeMake sure that the external source IP address of reques...
2018-05-25 Ward Vandewegehelm: Make sure the shell node has a token to create...
2018-05-25 Ward Vandewegehelm: Add the dockerfiles used by the helm charts.
2018-05-25 Ward Vandewegehelm: reorganize repository a bit.
2018-05-25 Ward Vandewegehelm: Convert the SSO server to be served over SSL.
2018-05-25 Ward Vandewegehelm: Convert the anonymous and superuser token to...
2018-05-25 Ward Vandewegehelm: Make the package versions part of the values...
2018-05-25 Kevin Linhelm: Add a Helm chart for installing Arvados
2018-05-25 Ward VandewegeInitial commit: add license files.