Fix section numbering in
[arvados-k8s.git] / charts /
2018-06-15 Ward VandewegeFix section numbering in
2018-06-12 Ward VandewegeUpdates to
2018-06-12 Ward VandewegeUpdate Arvados package versions to latest.
2018-06-12 Ward VandewegeAlways pull latest version of the docker images.
2018-06-12 Ward VandewegeMake the default e-mail and password for the initial...
2018-06-12 Ward VandewegeNo more need for apps/v1beta2, we can now use apps/v1
2018-06-12 Ward VandewegeMake the StatefulSets start and stop faster.
2018-06-12 Ward VandewegeUpdate the nginx config for the keep-proxy-https pod.
2018-06-12 Ward VandewegeFix the websockets service.
2018-06-12 Ward VandewegeDisable the old jobs api.
2018-06-12 Ward Vandewege* Add a basic Slurm config
2018-05-30 Ward VandewegeTweak the ssl.conf generated by, so that...
2018-05-30 Ward VandewegeMake sure that the external source IP address of reques...
2018-05-25 Ward Vandewegehelm: Make sure the shell node has a token to create...
2018-05-25 Ward Vandewegehelm: reorganize repository a bit.