Fix low-coverage tiles counting toward min coverage threshold.
[lightning.git] / import.go
2021-10-06 Tom CleggSave all ref tile data in slice 0.
2021-08-06 Tom CleggAdd copyright headers.
2021-05-07 Tom CleggExport hgvs-onehot.
2021-03-01 Tom CleggBump import RAM.
2021-03-01 Tom CleggReduce import RAM.
2021-02-08 Tom CleggMove command line tool to subdir.
2020-12-18 Tom CleggBump import memory.
2020-12-02 Tom CleggFix deadlock on error.
2020-12-02 Tom CleggImprove import and vcf2fasta performance.
2020-11-24 Tom CleggConcurrent-batches mode for vcf2fasta and import.
2020-11-23 Tom CleggPropagate -match-chromosome arg to container.
2020-11-19 Tom CleggConfigurable chromosome name pattern.
2020-11-13 Tom CleggGzip gob files.
2020-11-12 Tom CleggWhen not saving incomplete tilevars, still save hashes...
2020-10-26 Tom CleggBetter series palette.
2020-10-25 Tom CleggPlot import stats.
2020-10-25 Tom CleggWrite import stats to stats.json.
2020-10-22 Tom CleggFix divide by zero.
2020-10-14 Tom CleggExport HGVS.
2020-10-12 Tom CleggFix log message.
2020-10-08 Tom CleggAllow importing all-hom (reference) data from single...
2020-10-07 Tom CleggWhen writing library, write tags too.
2020-09-25 Tom CleggOption to treat tiles with no-calls as regular tiles.
2020-09-25 Tom CleggOption to output tile library when importing.
2020-04-24 Tom CleggLog # duplicate tags.
2020-04-23 Tom CleggLog out-of-order tags if -loglevel=debug.
2020-04-08 Tom CleggMore memory for import.
2020-04-06 Tom CleggPropagate skip-ooo flag to container.
2020-04-06 Tom CleggOption to skip/ignore out-of-order tags.
2020-03-10 Tom CleggContainer request priority flag.
2020-03-05 Tom CleggUse more tiling workers than NumCPU.
2020-03-05 Tom CleggLess verbose logging.
2020-03-05 Tom CleggI/O pipeline, show arvados container logs.
2020-03-04 Tom CleggFix input arg in export.
2020-03-03 Tom CleggRun "filter" and "export" in arvados containers.
2020-03-02 Tom CleggRun "import" in arvados container.
2020-03-02 Tom CleggAdd import -o argument.
2020-03-02 Tom CleggDon't require reference data when all inputs are fasta.
2020-02-04 Tom CleggSplit gvcf2numpy command into import and export-numpy.