2022-06-30 Tom CleggMerge branch '19088-s3-properties-tags'
2022-06-30 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '18870-installer' refs #18870
2022-06-30 Peter Amstutz18870: Add message about running diagnostics
2022-06-30 Peter Amstutz18870: Handle possibly undefined command line parameters
2022-06-30 Peter Amstutz18870: Added a bunch of comments & documentation
2022-06-29 Tom CleggMerge branch '16561-listen-url'
2022-06-29 Tom CleggMerge branch '19205-monitor-handler-threads'
2022-06-28 Tom Clegg16561: Handle implicit port number in ws:// and wss...
2022-06-28 Tom Clegg16561: Handle implicit port numbers in getListenAddress...
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Change the non-user oriented "FIXME" to "NOTE"
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Check for 'fixme's
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Ensure sbin is in cron job PATH
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Improve logging of errors from login-sync
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Fix typo
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Use bash [[ ]] conditional syntax and order...
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Make sure database password is quoted in pillar
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Change deploy target directory name
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Use correct default vm hostname
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Fixing declare
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Need to declare NODES as array
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Fix diagnostic
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: fix
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Run diagnostics
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: another fix
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Fix typo
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Refactor sync
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Deploy individual nodes
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Flexible branch naming
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: git stuff
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: tweaking git stuff
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Commits stuff
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Fix remote add
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: git add everything
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: Updating params.local
2022-06-28 Peter Amstutz18870: New script to help manage install
2022-06-28 Tom Clegg16561: Rearrange control flow for clarity.
2022-06-28 Tom CleggMerge branch '19217-silence-logs'
2022-06-27 Tom Clegg19088: Document S3 properties-as-metadata feature.
2022-06-27 Tom Clegg19088: base64-encode non-ascii property values in respo...
2022-06-27 Tom Clegg19088: Export collection/project properties as bucket...
2022-06-27 Tom Clegg19088: Export collection/project properties as x-amz...
2022-06-27 Tom Clegg19217: Silence SQL logs during database reset.
2022-06-24 Tom Clegg16561: Document ListenURL config.
2022-06-24 Tom Clegg19205: Fix flaky test.
2022-06-24 Tom CleggMerge branch '18948-update-exit-code-early'
2022-06-24 Tom Clegg19205: Remove redundant RequestTimeout implementation.
2022-06-24 Tom Clegg19205: Report longest-running active and abandoned...
2022-06-24 Tom Clegg18948: Update test.
2022-06-24 Tom Clegg18948: Update container record exit_code as soon as...
2022-06-24 Tom CleggAllow multiple clusters to use loopback driver on same...
2022-06-22 Tom CleggDon't wait for arvados-dispatch-cloud to come up if...
2022-06-21 Tom CleggMerge branch '19192-fix-deadlock'
2022-06-21 Tom Clegg16561: Remove unused entry from export whitelist.
2022-06-21 Tom Clegg16561: Replace ListenAddr with per-internal-url ListenURL.
2022-06-21 Tom Clegg16561: Detect ambiguous uses of ListenAddress.
2022-06-21 Tom Clegg16561: Add ListenAddress, explain InternalURLs/External...
2022-06-21 Tom Clegg19192: Add a few bytes to MemorySize to account for...
2022-06-21 Tom Clegg19192: Fix deadlock in lookupnode.
2022-06-20 Peter AmstutzPin protobuf version to <4.0.0, refs #19202
2022-06-17 Ward VandewegeMerge branch '19201-doc-warning-old-version'
2022-06-17 Ward Vandewege19201: add a liquid comment that explains what to do...
2022-06-17 Ward Vandewege19201: add warning when users are viewing documentation...
2022-06-14 Lucas Di PentimaMerge branch '19193-rails-upgrade'. Closes #19193
2022-06-14 Lucas Di Pentima19193: Pins sprockets gem to version <4.0 to avoid...
2022-06-14 Lucas Di Pentima19193: Upgrades RailsAPI & Workbench1 to address securi...
2022-06-13 Tom CleggMerge branch '19146-can-write-manage'
2022-06-10 Tom Clegg19146: Remove unneeded special case checks, explain...
2022-06-10 Lucas Di PentimaMerge branch '19177-sharing-links-ui-config'. Refs...
2022-06-09 Lucas Di Pentima19177: Fixes tests.
2022-06-08 Tom CleggMerge branch '19145-admin-write-frozen'
2022-06-08 Lucas Di Pentima19177: Adds test to wb1 for sharing link button hideabi...
2022-06-08 Lucas Di Pentima19177: Do not show the collection's sharing button...
2022-06-08 Lucas Di Pentima19177: Adds config to disable sharing links UI on workb...
2022-06-07 Tom Clegg19146: Add can_write/can_manage to users#list, fix...
2022-06-07 Tom Clegg19146: Update userAttrsCachedFromLoginCluster.
2022-06-06 Tom Clegg19146: Add can_write and can_manage response fields.
2022-06-06 Tom Clegg19145: Make frozen projects non-writable by admins.
2022-06-03 Ward VandewegeMerge branch '19175-doc-refactor-multi-host-installation'
2022-06-03 Ward Vandewege19175: Merge branch 'main' into 19175-doc-refactor...
2022-06-02 Ward VandewegeMore Salt installer doc refactoring.
2022-06-02 Ward VandewegeFix a few typos in the help text.
2022-06-02 Tom CleggMerge branch '15370-loopback-dispatchcloud'
2022-06-02 Peter AmstutzFix 2.4.1 release date refs #19017
2022-06-02 Ward VandewegeRefactor the multi-host salt install page.
2022-06-02 Tom Clegg15370: Bump docker API version to 1.35.
2022-06-01 Ward VandewegeDocumentation: fix typo.
2022-06-01 Peter AmstutzAdd 2nd NVIDIA repo key
2022-06-01 Ward VandewegeProvision script fix: clarify that the cluster id must...
2022-06-01 Ward VandewegeIn the config loader, we require the cluster id to...
2022-06-01 Ward VandewegeMerge branch '19169-provision-fix-single-hostname-letse...
2022-06-01 Ward Vandewegeprovision script: fix single host/single hostname letse...
2022-06-01 Lucas Di Pentima19144: Resets storage_classes_confirmed* fields on...
2022-05-31 Tom Clegg15370: Fix up debug logs.
2022-05-31 Tom Clegg15370: Ensure keep data dirs exists for test.
2022-05-31 Tom Clegg15370: Allow 20m for arvados-package tests.
2022-05-30 Tom Clegg18947: Remove obsolete go binary build steps from arvad...
2022-05-30 Tom Clegg15370: Fix unspecified docker API version requirement.
2022-05-30 Tom Clegg15370: Fix flaky test.
2022-05-30 Tom Clegg15370: Re-enable docker tests.
2022-05-27 Lucas Di PentimaMerge branch '19144-wb-copy-collections-fix'. Closes...