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[arvados.git] / tools /
2022-04-28 Ward VandewegeDo not pipe into `grep -q`, because that stops reading...
2022-04-28 Ward Vandewege19015: installer fix: work around a Passenger issue...
2022-04-27 Tom CleggMerge branch '18947-githttpd'
2022-04-26 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '18835-uploadfiles-test' refs #18835
2022-04-26 Ward VandewegeSalt installer multinode AWS example: modernize Arvados...
2022-04-25 Tom Clegg18947: Remove errant uses of
2022-04-19 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '18994-cwl-basename' refs #18994
2022-04-15 Ward Vandewege18995: Merge branch 'main' into 18995-code-cleanup-2
2022-04-15 Tom CleggMerge branch '18992-hpc-local-keepstore'
2022-04-15 Ward VandewegeMerge branch 'main' into 18995-code-cleanup-1
2022-04-15 Tom Clegg18947: Refactor arv-git-httpd as an arvados-server...
2022-04-14 Tom CleggMerge branch '18995-addrislocal'
2022-04-14 Tom CleggMerge branch '18699-boot-multi-cluster'
2022-04-14 Ward Vandewege18995: Merge branch 'main' into 18995-code-cleanup-1
2022-04-13 Ward VandewegeThe compute image building script autodetects the corre...
2022-04-13 Tom Clegg18699: Remove unneeded OIDC config.
2022-04-13 Tom Clegg18699: boot.Supervisor support for multi-cluster config...
2022-04-13 Ward Vandewege18976: Merge branch 'main' into 18976-c-d-l-dep
2022-04-13 Tom CleggMerge branch '18700-boot-wb2'
2022-04-12 Ward VandewegeInstaller bugfix (part 2).
2022-04-12 Ward VandewegeInstaller bugfix.
2022-04-12 Tom Clegg18700: Merge branch 'main'
2022-04-12 Javier BértoliMerge branch '16375-arvados-multinode-testing'
2022-04-12 Javier Bértoli16375: address review comments
2022-04-11 Javier Bértoli16375: revert insecure flag in multi-host template...
2022-04-11 Tom CleggMerge branch '18947-keepproxy'
2022-04-08 Javier Bértoli16375: Add multinode testing code
2022-04-06 Javier BértoliMerge branch '18631-shell-login-sync'
2022-04-06 Javier Bértoli18631: fix path in shell login-sync cron
2022-04-05 Javier Bértoli18631: Add shell's vm uuid from the shell node state
2022-04-05 Tom Clegg18947: Refactor keepproxy as an arvados-server subcommand.
2022-04-04 Ward Vandewege18887: Merge branch 'main' into 18887-wb1-sends-v2...
2022-04-04 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '18943-created-at-index' refs #18943
2022-04-04 Tom Clegg18865: Merge branch 'main'
2022-04-02 Ward VandewegeAdd csv output mode to the user activity script.
2022-04-01 Tom CleggMerge branch '18940-go-settings-conf'
2022-04-01 Javier Bértoli18631: remove unneeded dependency installing api into...
2022-04-01 Ward VandewegeMerge branch '18903-fix-activity-script'
2022-04-01 Ward Vandewege18903: Merge branch 'main' into 18903-fix-activity...
2022-04-01 Ward Vandewege18903: make getCollectionName smarter: look up the...
2022-03-31 Javier Bértoli18631: don't force api resources on shell nodes
2022-03-31 Javier Bértoli18631: use SystemRootToken for login-sync
2022-03-31 Javier BértoliRevert "18631: use SystemRootToken for login-sync"
2022-03-31 Javier Bértoli18631: use SystemRootToken for login-sync
2022-03-30 Javier Bértoli18631: Address review comments, fix VM UUID in cron
2022-03-30 Javier Bértoli18631: Address review comments
2022-03-26 Ward Vandewege18903: Merge branch 'main' into 18903-fix-activity...
2022-03-26 Ward Vandewege18903: add a date range option to the user activity...
2022-03-25 Ward Vandewege18903: handle deleted users properly.
2022-03-25 Tom Clegg18865: Merge branch 'main'
2022-03-24 Javier BértoliMerge branch '18638-noisy-errors-regarding-tests'
2022-03-24 Javier Bértoli18638: Address review comments
2022-03-24 Tom CleggMerge branch '18596-preemptible-price-factor'
2022-03-24 Javier BértoliMerge branch '18633-install-sudo-passwordless-in-shell'
2022-03-23 Javier Bértoli18631: add login-sync cron to provision script
2022-03-23 Ward Vandewege18903: formatting fix for output: always prepend the...
2022-03-23 Ward Vandewege18903: the user activity script needs to look up collec...
2022-03-23 Ward Vandewege18903: fix uninitialized user object in the user activi...
2022-03-22 Javier Bértoli18638: fix provision script errors on tests when they...
2022-03-22 Javier Bértoli18633: add sudo passwordless on shell role
2022-03-21 Peter Amstutzarvbox localdemo shouldn't use latest for data containe...
2022-03-21 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '18767-filename-search-doc' refs #18767
2022-03-21 Tom Clegg18700: Merge branch 'main'
2022-03-21 Tom CleggMerge branch '18691-freeze-project'
2022-03-21 Tom CleggMerge branch '18732-crunch-run-log-uids'
2022-03-18 Peter AmstutzImprove arvados bash aliases, no issue #
2022-03-18 Peter AmstutzDon't mess with the ownership of /var/lib/arvados refs...
2022-03-17 Javier BértoliMerge branch '18681-install-passenger-only-when-required'
2022-03-17 Ward VandewegeWhen building compute node images on AWS, default to...
2022-03-17 Ward VandewegeMerge branch '18867-compute-image-new-minimum-docker...
2022-03-17 Ward Vandewege18867: Merge branch 'main' into 18867-compute-image...
2022-03-17 Ward Vandewege18867: parameterize docker version for easier future...
2022-03-16 Ward Vandewege18867: introduce a minimum docker version of 20.10...
2022-03-16 Javier Bértoli18681: Fix typo
2022-03-16 Javier BértoliTypo
2022-03-16 Ward Vandewege18766: Merge branch 'main' into 18766-package-building...
2022-03-15 Javier BértoliFix unterminated sed in the installer
2022-03-15 Tom CleggMerge branch '18600-update-files'
2022-03-15 Ward VandewegeHandle 'add-apt-repository contrib' on Ubuntu 18.04...
2022-03-15 Ward VandewegeFix azure compute node image build.
2022-03-15 Tom Clegg18600: Merge branch 'main'
2022-03-15 Javier BértoliMerge branch '18635-remove-unnecesary-.psql-management'
2022-03-15 Javier BértoliUpgrade nginx, docker and postgresql formulas in the...
2022-03-15 Javier Bértoli18681: install passenger conditionally, only when required
2022-03-14 Javier BértoliEnforce a consistent postgresql version across examples
2022-03-11 Javier Bértoli18635: remove .psqlrc management from the provision...
2022-03-11 Peter AmstutzAdd "go mod vendor" so switching branches in arvbox...
2022-03-11 Tom Clegg18600: Merge branch 'main'
2022-03-11 Javier BértoliMerge branch '18663-add-keepbalance-support'
2022-03-10 Javier Bértoli18849: enforce RVM on Debian 10
2022-03-10 Peter Amstutzcrunchstat-summary pins to current Python SDK version
2022-03-10 Javier Bértoli18663: address review comments
2022-03-09 Javier Bértoli18663: add keepbalance support
2022-03-09 Tom Clegg18700: Don't start workbench2 in integration test clusters.
2022-03-07 Ward Vandewege18838: Merge branch 'main' into 18838-bump-nokogiri
2022-03-04 Javier BértoliMerge branch '18682-use-keyrings-instead-of-key-ids'
2022-03-04 Javier BértoliMerge branch '18830-fix-centos-7-provisioning'
2022-03-04 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '18656-dynamic-gpu-req' refs #18656
2022-03-04 Javier Bértoli18830: address review comments
2022-03-04 Lucas Di PentimaMerge branch '18574-pysdk-vocabulary-support'. Closes...