2018-07-10 Janicki ArturMerge branch 'master' into 13765-information-inside...
2018-07-10 Janicki Arturload item to panelDetails and display data
2018-07-10 Michal KlobukowskiMerge branch '13775-custom-theme-test-errors'
2018-07-10 Michal KlobukowskiApply temporary fix
2018-07-10 Michal Klobukowskimerge changes
2018-07-10 Michal KlobukowskiCreate store and connect detail panel
2018-07-10 Janicki Arturadd enum for icons types
2018-07-10 Janicki Arturmodify icon component
2018-07-10 Janicki Arturcreate re-usable components: attribute, empty-state...
2018-07-09 Michal KlobukowskiMerge branch '13748-api-host-configuration'
2018-07-09 Michal KlobukowskiAdd possibility to modifiy API_HOST using env variables
2018-07-09 Michal KlobukowskiMerge branch '13770-browser-context-menu-on-top'
2018-07-09 Michal KlobukowskiBlock browser context menu inside app's context menu
2018-07-06 Michal KlobukowskiMerge branch '13747-incorrect-items-in-project-tree'
2018-07-06 Michal KlobukowskiFix filters used to obtain uer's projects
2018-07-06 Michal KlobukowskiFix typo
2018-07-06 Michal KlobukowskiCreate projects service
2018-07-06 Michal KlobukowskiFix common resource service create method
2018-07-06 Michal KlobukowskiMerge branch '13703-data-explorer-and-contents-api'
2018-07-06 Michal KlobukowskiMerge branch 'master' into 13703-data-explorer-and...
2018-07-06 Michal KlobukowskiMerge branch '13704-navigation-details-panel'
2018-07-06 Janicki Arturfix test
2018-07-06 Michal KlobukowskiMerge branch 'master' into 13704-navigation-details...
2018-07-06 Artur Janicki#13704: add attribute comonent and clean code
2018-07-06 Artur Janicki#13704: add custom theme and clean code
2018-07-05 Michal KlobukowskiMove project panel middleware to store directory
2018-07-05 Michal KlobukowskiRemove unused workflow references
2018-07-05 Michal KlobukowskiCreate FilterBuilder tests
2018-07-05 Michal KlobukowskiUpdate existing tests to work with latest changes
2018-07-05 Michal KlobukowskiAdd SortDirection and ProjectColumnName enums
2018-07-05 Michal KlobukowskiStop pagination reset when sorting is toggled
2018-07-05 Michal KlobukowskiAdd enum with resource prefixes
2018-07-05 Michal KlobukowskiImplement project explorer searching
2018-07-05 Michal KlobukowskiHandle set_search_value action in data explorer reducer
2018-07-05 Michal KlobukowskiMake data explorer's search input always visible
2018-07-05 Michal KlobukowskiFix FilterBuilder concatenation add "like" rules
2018-07-05 Michal KlobukowskiImplement sorting by name and createdAt fields
2018-07-05 Michal KlobukowskiRefactor OrderBuilder
2018-07-05 Artur Janicki#13704: change code after CR
2018-07-04 Michal KlobukowskiImplement filtering by status
2018-07-04 Michal KlobukowskiAdd new conditions and concatenation to FilterBuilder
2018-07-04 Michal KlobukowskiRemove unused project-panel-selectors module
2018-07-04 Michal KlobukowskiAdd pagination reseting to set filters action handler
2018-07-04 Michal KlobukowskiHandle filtering in projectPanelMiddleware
2018-07-04 Michal KlobukowskiHandle resource type in type filters
2018-07-04 Michal KlobukowskiMake DataColum filters type generic
2018-07-04 Michal KlobukowskiAdd convenience create method add handle Resource type...
2018-07-04 Michal KlobukowskiUpdate item icon and type rendering accoring to item...
2018-07-04 Michal KlobukowskiUpdate models with groups, colelctions, workflows and...
2018-07-04 Michal KlobukowskiMerge branch 'master' into 13703-data-explorer-and...
2018-07-04 Pawel KowalczykMerge branch '13684-Create-functionality-in-project...
2018-07-04 Michal KlobukowskiCreate project panel middleware
2018-07-04 Michal KlobukowskiImprove pagination actions in data explorer
2018-07-04 Michal KlobukowskiAdd prop to pass available items amount to pagination
2018-07-04 Michal KlobukowskiCreate DataItem type to ensure table rows use key attr...
2018-07-04 Michal KlobukowskiHandle data explorer actions in data explorer container
2018-07-04 Artur Janicki#13704: add effects for opening the panel
2018-07-04 Artur Janicki#13704: remove headerTitle class and change title
2018-07-04 Artur Janicki#13704: modify details panel
2018-07-04 Pawel Kowalczykadded-functionality-for-creating-projects
2018-07-03 Artur Janicki#13704: init navigation details panel
2018-07-03 Michal KlobukowskiUpdate order builder usages
2018-07-03 Michal KlobukowskiAdd immutability and concatenation of order builder
2018-07-02 Michal KlobukowskiMerge branch '13702-contents-api-service'
2018-07-02 Michal KlobukowskiApply fixes according to code review comments
2018-07-02 Michal KlobukowskiChange order builder output format
2018-07-02 Michal KlobukowskiCreate test for GroupsService
2018-07-02 Michal KlobukowskiCreate GroupsService and implement contents method
2018-07-02 Michal KlobukowskiCreate CommonResourceService and OrderBuilder
2018-07-01 Michal KlobukowskiMerge branch '13678-connect-data-explorer-to-the-store'
2018-07-01 Michal KlobukowskiClean up the code according to code review
2018-06-30 Michal KlobukowskiFix incorrect projets item toggling
2018-06-30 Michal KlobukowskiFix react issue with calling actions in render method...
2018-06-30 Michal KlobukowskiImprove handling on of project url changes
2018-06-29 Michal KlobukowskiReplace go back item with browser back button support
2018-06-26 Michal KlobukowskiMerge branch 'master'
2018-06-26 Michal KlobukowskiMerge branch '13683-sorting-and-filtering-of-projects...
2018-06-26 Michal KlobukowskiClean up go back row
2018-06-26 Michal KlobukowskiStop propagation of row actions click
2018-06-26 Michal KlobukowskiImplement filtering in project-panel
2018-06-26 Michal KlobukowskiImplement sorting in projet-panel
2018-06-26 Michal KlobukowskiAdd project panel toolbar template
2018-06-26 Daniel KosFixed test passing
2018-06-26 Pawel KowalczykMerge branch '13679-Empty-data-table'
2018-06-26 Pawel Kowalczykmerge-conflicts
2018-06-26 Pawel Kowalczyktable-layout-fix
2018-06-26 Daniel Kosrefs #13666 Merge branch 'origin/13666-data-explorer...
2018-06-26 Daniel KosFixed not clearing project panel items immediately...
2018-06-26 Daniel KosNavigation fixes
2018-06-26 Michal KlobukowskiAdd toolbar with project explorer actions
2018-06-26 Michal KlobukowskiReplace project-panel with project-explorer
2018-06-26 Daniel KosPost merge fixes
2018-06-26 Daniel KosMerge branch 'origin/master' into 13666-data-explorer...
2018-06-25 Daniel KosAdded central action for navigation
2018-06-25 Michal KlobukowskiAdd rowsPerPageOptions prop support
2018-06-25 Michal KlobukowskiFix context menu positioning when opened with a trigger
2018-06-25 Michal KlobukowskiReuse DataColumns type
2018-06-25 Michal KlobukowskiApply better code formatting
2018-06-25 Michal KlobukowskiMerge branch 'master'
2018-06-25 Michal KlobukowskiConnect project explorer to the store