Merge branch '19093-process-failed-warning' into main. Closes #19093
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2021-12-17 Daniel KutyłaMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/main' into 18207...
2021-11-19 Daniel KutyłaMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/main' into 18169...
2021-11-14 Daniel KutyłaMerge branch '18195-Refresh-Button-does-not-seem-to...
2021-11-11 Lucas Di PentimaMerge branch '17944-vocabulary-endpoint-retrieval'...
2021-11-02 Lucas Di Pentima17944: Request the vocabulary exclusively from the...
2021-04-23 Peter Amstutz17427: Add some notes on developing using Docker
2021-04-23 Peter Amstutz17426: Add dialog box with form to example plugin.
2021-04-14 Lucas Di PentimaMerge branch '16159-logout-request-with-token'
2021-04-13 Lucas Di Pentima16159: Merge branch 'master' into 16159-logout-request... 16159-logout-request-with-token
2021-04-12 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '17427-start-workflow-in-code' refs #17427
2021-04-12 Peter Amstutz17427: Add some notes on developing using Docker 17427-start-workflow-in-code
2021-04-05 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '17426-plug-ins' refs #17426
2021-03-29 Peter Amstutz17426: Add dialog box with form to example plugin.
2020-10-12 Daniel KutyłaMerge branch 'master' into 16812-token-appears-in-the...
2020-09-24 Lucas Di PentimaMerge branch '16592-renaming-fix'
2020-09-24 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '16811-public-favs' refs #16811
2020-09-18 Peter Amstutz16811: Add cypress test for setting/unsetting public...
2020-04-23 Lucas Di PentimaMerge branch '16029-cypress-testing'
2020-04-23 Peter Amstutz16029: Add 'make integration-tests-in-docker' 16029-cypress-testing
2019-12-30 Lucas Di PentimaMerge branch 'master' into 15672-subprocess-list-v2
2019-12-18 Peter AmstutzUpdate package build
2019-12-12 Peter AmstutzMerge branch '15256-removing-files-during-upload'
2019-08-01 Eric BiagiottiMerge branch '14813-cluster-config'
2019-08-01 Eric Biagiotti14813: Improves config error handling and logging
2019-07-31 Eric Biagiotti14813: Fix to use cluster config when local config...
2018-12-21 Janicki ArturMerge branch '14248_assigning_properties_to_projects_du...
2018-12-21 Janicki ArturMerge branch 'master' of
2018-12-18 Pawel KromplewskiMerge branch '14434-display-workflow-name'
2018-12-18 Daniel KosMerge branch 'origin/master' into 14478-log-in-into...
2018-12-18 Pawel KowalczykMerge branch 'master' into 14565-admin-managing-user
2018-12-17 Michal KlobukowskiMerge branch 'master' into 14603-add-controlled-vocabul...
2018-12-17 Michal KlobukowskiMerge branch '13540-add-possibility-to-open-files-in...
2018-12-17 Michal KlobukowskiMerge branch 'master' into 13540-add-possibility-to...
2018-12-12 Michal KlobukowskiExtend main config with FILE_VIEWERS_CONFIG_URL
2018-12-06 Daniel Kosrefs #14280 Merge branch 'origin/14280-query-language'
2018-12-05 Pawel KromplewskiMerge branch 'master' into 14452-my-account
2018-12-03 Pawel Kowalczykconflicts
2018-12-03 Janicki ArturMerge branch '14503_keep_services_panel'
2018-12-03 Janicki ArturMerge branch 'master' of 14503_keep_services_panel
2018-12-03 Pawel KromplewskiMerge branch 'master' into 14452-my-account
2018-11-30 Michal KlobukowskiMerge branch '14554-add-vocabulary-example-file' 1.3.0 1.3.1
2018-11-30 Michal KlobukowskiAdd VOCABULARY_URL description
2018-11-30 Daniel KosMerge branch 'origin/master' into 14280-query-language
2018-11-29 Pawel Kowalczykmerge master
2018-11-29 Janicki ArturMerge branch '14503_keep_services'
2018-11-29 Janicki ArturMerge branch 'master' of 14503_keep_services
2018-11-29 Michal KlobukowskiMerge branch '14393-vocabulary'
2018-11-29 Michal KlobukowskiMerge branch 'master' into 14393-vocabulary
2018-11-27 Michal KlobukowskiAdd VOCABULARY_URL to config schema in readme
2018-07-23 Pawel Kowalczykmerge conflicts
2018-07-17 Janicki ArturMerge branch 'master' into 13764-icons-colors-unificati...
2018-07-17 Michal KlobukowskiMerge branch '13817-runtime-app-configuration'
2018-07-17 Michal KlobukowskiMerge branch 'master' into 13817-runtime-app-configuration
2018-07-16 Michal KlobukowskiImplement configuration fetching during runtime
2018-07-10 Janicki ArturMerge branch 'master' into 13765-information-inside...
2018-07-09 Pawel KowalczykMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin' into 13694-Data...
2018-07-09 Michal KlobukowskiMerge branch '13748-api-host-configuration'
2018-07-09 Michal KlobukowskiAdd possibility to modifiy API_HOST using env variables
2018-05-29 Ward VandewegeFix formatting in and add license information.
2018-05-29 Ward VandewegeAdd a Makefile with an initial test and build target.
2018-05-24 Daniel KosAdd basic application skeleton