fix(virtual_machines): ensure uuid is not added every time
[arvados-formula.git] / .yamllint
2021-04-05 Imran Iqbalchore: update `CODEOWNERS` & `.yamllint` re: `kitchen...
2021-03-05 Imran Iqbalchore(yamllint): add `.git/` to ignores [skip ci]
2020-12-23 Javier BértoliMerge pull request #13 from arvados/master
2020-12-16 Imran Iqbalci(gitlab-ci): use GitLab CI as Travis CI replacement
2020-05-05 Imran IqbalMerge pull request #1 from myii/chore/standardise-structure
2020-05-05 Imran Iqbalfeat(semantic-release): standardise for this formula
2020-04-27 Javier Bértolifeat(components): add submodules and tests
2020-04-15 Javier Bértolifeat: initial commit