18663: add keep-balance app management
[arvados-formula.git] / test /
2022-03-09 Javier Bértoli18663: add keep-balance app management
2022-03-04 Javier BértoliMerge branch '18761-debian-family-apt-keyrings'
2022-03-04 Javier Bértoli18761: use repository keyring instead of key_id
2021-12-21 Javier BértoliMerge branch '18378-add-debian-11-platform'
2021-11-19 Javier BértoliFix ubuntu-18.04 gems and postgres versions
2021-11-19 Javier BértoliFix licensing issues
2021-11-19 Javier BértoliUpdate repo tests in Debian's family
2021-11-19 Javier BértoliUpdate Gemfiles, add kitchen and hooks from template...
2021-08-20 Javier BértoliMerge branch '17990-add-rvm-to-ubuntu1804'
2021-08-19 Javier BértoliAdd the RVM gpg keys in the formula to prevent keyserve...
2021-08-08 Javier BértoliUpdate inspec tests to manage RVM usage in different...
2021-08-08 Javier BértoliUpdate nginx pillar example to manage RVM in ubuntu...
2021-08-08 Javier BértoliInspec throws some deprecation warnings on Ubuntu-20.04
2021-08-05 Javier BértoliMerge branch 'fix-rvm-deps-in-centos'
2021-08-04 Javier BértoliUpdate ruby version used with RVM on Centos 7
2021-07-23 Javier BértoliMerge branch '17750-fix-centos-7-deps'
2021-07-23 Javier Bértoli17750: fix style (linters suggestions) [ci skip]
2021-07-21 Javier Bértoli17750: set the ruby binary in passenger for Centos
2021-07-21 Javier Bértoli17750: Update nginx/ssl example pillars and states
2021-07-21 Javier Bértoli17750: Update example postgresql configuration for...
2021-07-21 Javier Bértoli17750: Add postgresql dependencies for RVM in Centos 7
2021-07-21 Javier Bértoli17750: update rvm dependencies for centos-7
2021-07-21 Javier BértoliAdd copyright headers to comply with Arvados
2021-06-30 Javier BértoliMerge branch '17655-adapt-repo-to-curii-standards'
2021-06-30 Javier Bértoli17655: update formula to comply with Arvados' standards
2021-06-30 Javier BértoliMerge branch '17767-install-crunchstat-summary-on-shell...
2021-06-30 Javier Bértoli17767: add crunchstat-summary on shell nodes by default
2021-05-28 Javier BértoliMerge branch '17601-register-shell-nodes-for-webshell'
2021-05-28 Javier Bértoli17601: fix hardcoded cluster name in example
2021-05-18 Javier Bértolidocs(examples): remove extra dash in temp file
2021-05-18 Javier Bértolidocs(examples): add login-sync example for orchestratin...
2021-05-17 Javier Bértolitest(examples): nginx config examples for webshells
2021-05-17 Javier Bértolitest(examples): remove workbench upstream in nginx
2021-05-17 Javier Bértolitest(hosts): use the nic ip instead of localhost for dns
2021-05-14 Javier Bértolifix(scoped_tokens): resolved dependencies on virtual_ma...
2021-05-13 Javier Bértolifeat(scoped_tokens): create scoped_tokens for webshell...
2021-05-12 Javier Bértolitest(snakeoil_certs): ensure states are not run every...
2021-05-12 Javier Bértolistyle(sls): fix `salt-lint` errors
2021-05-12 Javier Bértolifeat(resources): add state to register virtual_machines
2021-05-07 Javier Bértolifix(shellinabox): renamed pam file
2021-05-03 Javier Bértolifeat(config): enable strict config-check before deploying
2021-04-29 Javier Bértolifix(config): ensure AnonymousUserToken is set
2021-04-28 Javier Bértolitest(dependencies): add hosts entries for testing
2021-04-28 Javier Bértolitest(dependencies): add ssl certs dependencies so nginx...
2021-04-28 Javier Bértolifix(database): don't enforce client encoding
2021-04-28 Javier Bértolifix(config): RailsSessionSecretToken is deprecated
2021-03-23 Imran Iqbaltest: standardise use of `share` suite & `_mapdata...
2021-03-07 Imran Iqbalci(kitchen+ci): use latest pre-salted images (after...
2020-12-23 Javier BértoliMerge pull request #13 from arvados/master
2020-12-23 Javier BértoliMerge pull request #5 from arvados/17218-apt-repo-update
2020-12-23 Ward Vandewegefix(apt): update repository URL
2020-12-07 Javier BértoliMerge pull request #12 from netmanagers/master
2020-12-07 Javier Bértolidocs(examples): reduce snakeoil cert days to 1yr
2020-12-05 Javier BértoliMerge pull request #11 from netmanagers/master
2020-12-05 Javier Bértolidocs(examples): add missing SAN to snakeoil ssl cert
2020-12-03 Javier BértoliMerge pull request #10 from netmanagers/master
2020-12-03 Javier Bértolidocs(examples): improve helper snakeoil ssl certs
2020-12-02 Javier Bértolidocs(examples): better organization and naming
2020-11-24 Javier BértoliMerge pull request #9 from netmanagers/master
2020-11-24 Javier Bértolidocs(single_host): fix hostnames and tests
2020-11-23 Javier Bértolitest(dispatcher): cert needs to match each hostname
2020-11-23 Javier Bértolitest(dispatcher): add helper state
2020-11-19 Javier Bértolifix(creds): remove underscores
2020-11-19 Javier Bértolifix(dispatcher): add missing crunch-dispatch-local...
2020-11-03 Javier BértoliMerge pull request #8 from netmanagers/master
2020-11-03 Javier Bértolifeat(distro): add centos-7 support
2020-10-17 Javier BértoliMerge pull request #7 from netmanagers/master
2020-10-17 Javier Bértolifix(dispatcher): add missing files for local dispatcher
2020-10-16 Javier BértoliMerge pull request #6 from netmanagers/master
2020-10-16 Javier Bértolifix(config): prevent duplicated, undesired entries
2020-10-15 Javier Bértolidocs(examples): improve consistency in naming
2020-10-14 Javier BértoliMerge pull request #4 from netmanagers/refactor-config...
2020-10-14 Javier Bértolifeat(components,version): add extra components, new...
2020-06-16 Imran IqbalMerge pull request #2 from netmanagers/master
2020-06-16 Javier Bértolidocs(examples): fix websocket nginx example stanza
2020-05-05 Imran IqbalMerge pull request #1 from myii/chore/standardise-structure
2020-05-05 Imran Iqbalfeat(semantic-release): standardise for this formula
2020-04-27 Javier Bértolifeat(components): add submodules and tests
2020-04-15 Javier Bértolifeat: convert `template-formula` to `arvados-formula`
2020-04-15 Javier Bértolifeat: initial commit