Update inspec tests to manage RVM usage in different distros
[arvados-formula.git] / test / integration / api / controls / packages_spec.rb
2021-08-08 Javier BértoliUpdate inspec tests to manage RVM usage in different...
2021-08-05 Javier BértoliMerge branch 'fix-rvm-deps-in-centos'
2021-08-04 Javier BértoliUpdate ruby version used with RVM on Centos 7
2021-07-23 Javier BértoliMerge branch '17750-fix-centos-7-deps'
2021-07-23 Javier Bértoli17750: fix style (linters suggestions) [ci skip]
2021-07-21 Javier Bértoli17750: Add postgresql dependencies for RVM in Centos 7
2021-07-21 Javier Bértoli17750: update rvm dependencies for centos-7
2021-07-21 Javier BértoliAdd copyright headers to comply with Arvados
2020-04-27 Javier Bértolifeat(components): add submodules and tests